A brief summary of the past

Grew up in the countryside with a bunch of lads. Terrorized the neighborhood to our hearts content. Learned how to run fast and hide quickly (the highland way). Discovered gaming and fantasy literature. Fell in love with storytelling. Managed to drag my rebellious mind through school. Drafted by the army. Applied for the officer’s academy. Yelled at for 1 year. Yelled at others the following 1,5 years (+wrote a marching song or two). Had enough. Moved back home (now the city of Oslo). Worked in security for a year or so (of course). Applied to Westerdals School of Communication. Learned how to distinguish a hipster from a human. Graduated (literary branch). Started Komodo with two classmates right after. Started Ideflater as a side-project. Been running both for 2 years now. Write when I can. Sleep when I must.     

Progress report - 2014

  • Learn programming
  • Practise yoga
  • Learn how to climb
  • Smile more, scowl less
  • Finish literary project


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